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Welcome! I can't wait to meet you

Don't be nervous, you're in the right place

Whether you’ve recently moved to the area or just haven’t connected with the right stylist, I understand that it can be a little scary visiting a new salon. I want to help alleviate some common concerns associated with finding a new stylist by offering all inclusive service packages & making sure my skill set is the right fit for your needs

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Over the years I've niched down on my craft.  While, yes I can do everything, I choose to specialize in certain areas of expertise. If you want a gorgeous rainbow mane, you love those all over platinum blonde looks, or you're looking for a lived in feel to your balayage, I'm your gal!

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Am I the stylist for you?

Your new hair journey starts here

How do I get started?

Step 1

Make sure to review my service menu to get a good expectation of what your investment may look like, and what all is included in your service.

Step 2

Fill out a short digital consultation form where I'll explore your hair history and goals.

Step 3

I'll review your form and email you with instructions on how to book if we're the right fit for each other

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Are you ready for beautiful hair color served with an  amazing guest experience?

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New Guest Menu

The services below are carefully crafted for first time guests. All Color sessions include a haircut and beautiful blowout. After your initial visit, together we will craft a maintenance plan just for your needs.

These packages are my most requested services. I do offer other services to accommodate everyone's budget. If you don't see what you need please reach out to me HERE


    *All services are ageless, genderless, and non discriminatory*


Option #1 Vivid Dreams

This package is ideal for the guest who wants to try fun colors for the first time.

-It's been over a year since your last transformation

-You need your old vivid colors removed.

​For this service pre lightening of the hair is needed to achieve your new look. 

Commonly called fashion colors, Vivid color, fantasy color

Haircut and blowout included

Investment: 4-5 Hours $255

Option #2 Grey Glowup

This session is ideal for the guest who either wants to cover the grey and also add in dimensional highlighting or

-Add a bit of brightness around the face

-You love your grey and want to blend your grey with highlights and lowlights.


Otherwise known as Grey Blending


Investment: 3-4 hour $252


Option #3  The Makeover

This is ideal for someone who typically receives highlights or balayage services.

-Maybe you want to try any of these services for the very first time or it's been well over a year since you've touched up your highlights. I offer maintenance  sessions to upkeep your new look.


Investment: 3-4  Hours $255

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Option #4  The Luxe Cut

This isn't just a haircut. I aim to make this an experience.

 You'll indulge in a relaxing scalp massage while I apply a warm towel to your head with aromatherapy oils to calm & soothe.  I also provide an optional collagen eye mask to take away the puffiness and have you leaving completely recharged and refreshed.


 Investment:  $55

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Got Questions or need help choosing the right package?

No problem! Click below to email me and I'll reply within 24 hours M-F

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New Guest Menu
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