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Eliminate The Sticker Shock

Transparent pricing means no more surprises at checkout, just straightforward, all-inclusive sessions based on your hair goals.

New Guest Sessions

All new guest session include everything you need to acheive your look. These sessions include a haircut and style 

Vivid Dreams $275

This session is for you if any of these apply to you:

  • You've never colored your hair and want vivid hair color

  • You've previously gotten vivid colors however its been over 6 months since you have retouched your new growth

Commonly Called: Fashion colors, neon color, fantasy color

Session Includes:

  • Lightening of the hair + Vivid Overlay

  • Your choice of color

  • The Luxe Cut + Specialty treatment mask

  • Signature blowout & style


The Makeover


This session is for you if one of these apply to you:


  • You want to be lighter & brighter throughout your hair

  • You want a look with contrast & dimension

  • You used to get "full" Highlights

  • You have greys you want to cover and you also want a highlighted look

  • You have greys you want to blend in with lighter or darker colors. Or both!

  • You've never colored your hair and you have been looking to get balayage 

  • You have an existing balayage but it's been over 6 months since you've retouched your new growth

This session is not for you if you are only needing your greys retouched with color or you are looking for a vivid hair color. 

  • Session Includes:

  • Strategically placed highlights

  • shadow root + gloss and/or permanent hair color

  • The Luxe Cut with hot towel wrap + aromatherapy

  • Signature blowout + Style

The Glam

The Glam is right for you if you are looking for mini services such as;


  • Money piece, ghost roots, a few peek-a-boo highlights, simple color blocking

  •  You want a touch-up of your existing vivid color* (*no lightener), 

  • You have hair shorter than chin length and are looking for highlights or vivid hair color

  • You've never colored your hair and are looking for a single color process (all over color)

  • You want to be all over darker and do not want to be light again in the near future

This session includes a haircut. 

This session is not for you if you have existing vivid color and need your regrowth lightened. This session is not for you if you have a balayage and want to lighten your regrowth.

Session includes:

  • Any service listed above

  • The Luxe Cut + hot towel wrap + aromatherapy

  • Signature Blowout + Styling


The Luxe Cut $60


The Luxe Cut is for you if:

  • You want a trim 

  • You want a transformative haircut

  • You want a new hair cut/style

  • You want a bob or pixie

  • You want a simple cut without any color

The luxe cut comes with complimentary services that create a spa vibe however these options are totally optional and not required to get a haircut.

  • Session Includes

  • The luxe Cut

  •  Relaxing scalp massage

  • Hot towel wrap + aromatherapy 

  • collagen eye mask

  • Signature blowout + style

Returning Guest Sessions 

*Returning guest sessions do NOT include a haircut in the package. A haircut may be added on al a carte for $60*

Mini Makeover $170

The  Mini Makeover service is for you if:


  • You previously got a highlight service with me and need to maintain your look

  • It's been under 5 months since I've last seen you for any highlighting service

  • You want your grey hairs and highlights and/or lowlights retouched

  • You are not looking for any major changes to your current style

This session is not for you if you have any kind of vivid hair color, you want to make a major change to your style or you need to retouch a money piece or color block.

thumbnail (7).jpg

Vivid Enhance $180

The Vivid Enhance  is perfect for you if:

  • You have had your hair colored with me within the last 5 months and want to keep your vivid hair color looking fresh.

  • You need your new growth lightened and reapplication of your vivid hair color

The vivid enhance is not for you if you are looking to refresh your blonde highlights

Blonde Refresh $120

The blonde refresh is for you if you are looking for:


  • You want your toner refreshed

  • You want your shadow root touch-up 

  • You have both a shadow root and toner that needs refreshed

  • This package also includes a haircut and blowout


For Toner refresh with no hair cut $60


The Express $150

The Express is for you if you are looking for:


  • You want your greys retouched

  • You have your greys retouched with permanent color

  • You do not have any grey but you received a solid hair color and now need the regrowth retouched

  • You want to add-on a haircut with your retouch 

This service is not for you if you need your highlights or vivid color retouched


For color retouch with no hair cut $90

thumbnail (1).jpg
"I brought in photo's of what I had in mind and Jess elevated my vision and perfected it to fit my face so well" -Alexis J

Specialty Treatments

CBD Molecular Mender


CBD Corrective Complex repair hair from the inside out. Molecular Mender repairs split ends, soothes scalp issues,  reduce breakage and smooths hair leaving it shiny for up to 10 shampoo's.

Brazilian Blowout


12 weeks of frizz free hair! Reduces frizz, controls thick unruly hair, will not change curl pattern. Lasts up to 12 weeks with proper home care maintenance. 

Hair Wellness


Imagine a treatment that erases all traces of hard water mineral deposits and medication buildup. Removes discoloration and muddy tones. Power packed antioxidants leave your hair feeling weightless and bouncy. Increasing shine and manageability. 

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