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Eliminate The Sticker Shock

Transparent pricing means no more surprises at checkout, just straightforward, all-inclusive sessions based on your hair goals.

New Guest Sessions

Vivid Dreams $275

Vivid Dreams is the perfect service for you if you're looking for a bold and unique style. From neon pink to electric blue, I can create a vivid look that will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Commonly Called: Fashion colors, neon color, fantasy color

Session Includes:

Lightening of the hair + Vivid Overlay

Your choice of color

The Luxe Cut + Specialty treatment mask

Signature blowout & style


The Makeover

The Makeover is the perfect way to make a dramatic change or enhance your existing look. Using a variety of techniques, we'll work with you to achieve a lived in, low maintenance result that will look natural & beautiful. It's perfect for those who want to see contrast and dimension.  Commonly called Balayage, Highlights, Ombre, Grey Blending 

Session Includes:

Strategically placed highlights

shadow root + gloss

The Luxe Cut with hot towel wrap + aromatherapy

Signature blowout + Style

Grey Glowup

Grey Glowup is a perfect service for those looking to completely cover their grey hair combined with strategically placed foils throughout the hair to add some lightness around the face and create dimension. 

Session includes:

Root Color

Mini Highlight + Gloss

The Luxe Cut + hot towel wrap + aromatherapy

Signature Blowout + Styling

Hair Cut

The Luxe Cut $55

The Luxe Cut is the perfect way to treat yourself! Imagine receiving a perfectly tailored haircut with some serious spa vibes. Enjoy a luxurious shampoo and condition, a relaxing scalp massage, and a precise cut that is tailored to your individual style. I'm here for it!

Session Includes

The luxe Cut

 Relaxing scalp massage

Hot towel wrap + aromatherapy 

Optional collagen eye mask

Signature blowout + style

Maintenance  Sessions 

Mini Makeover $167

Our Mini Makeover service is the ideal choice for guests who are looking to maintain or make slight upgrades to their look. This popular service is ideal for those looking to refresh their hairstyle without major changes. Depending on your hair needs, this look only needs to be maintained every 12 weeks. For more major changes, please book our Makeover service.


Vivid Enhance $175

Our Vivid Enhance service is here to keep your vivid dreams alive! This maintenance service is perfect for those who have had their hair colored with us within the last 6 months and want to keep their color looking fresh. This service includes lightening new growth and reapplication of your vivid hair color, so you can enjoy your vibrant look for even longer.

Grey Glam $210

Grey Glam is the perfect maintenance service for guests who need to keep their root coverage looking fresh and vibrant. This service includes a touch-up of highlights to give you an instant glamorous glow-up that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world. The Grey Glam service is ideal for those who want to maintain their look and keep their hair looking stylish and beautiful.

Smiling Woman
"I brought in photo's of what I had in mind and Jess elevated my vision and perfected it to fit my face so well" -Alexis J

Specialty Treatments

CBD Molecular Mender


CBD Corrective Complex repair hair from the inside out. Molecular Mender repairs split ends, soothes scalp issues,  reduce breakage and smooths hair leaving it shiny for up to 10 shampoo's.

Brazilian Blowout


12 weeks of frizz free hair! Reduces frizz, controls thick unruly hair, will not change curl pattern. Lasts up to 12 weeks with proper home care maintenance. 

Scalp Wellness


Soothe your scalp with a relaxing scalp massage combined with a wellness detox treatment meant to soothe scalp itch, clear excessive oil buildup, remove flakes. 

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