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This is a maintenance menu for existing guests

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Mini Makeover

This is a maintenance service for The makeover. At this appointment I will refresh your balayage or highlights and refresh dull ends. Giving life back to your multidimensional look. This is ideal for the guest who has seen me in the last 8 months.

             3 hours 45 minutes  12-16 weeks


Vivid Enhance 

    Ideal for the guest who already is a mermaid.  This maintenance service is the removal of old vivid color replaced with a new vivid color. Select this service if:

-It's been less than a year since last vivid application

-You need your new growth lightened. 

                        4 Hours $176+

Signature Blonde Retouch

This is a maintenance service for those all over platinum blonde bombshells. This service is ideal for guests who have 3 inches or less of new growth. Or it's been less than 3 months since I've seen you. 

 This services includes:

-Lightening of the new growth

-Olaplex bonding treatment

-Tonal deposit for final look

-Haircut & blowout

          6-8 weeks $167+

Conditioning Treatments

Scalp Wellness


Soothe your scalp with a relaxing scalp massage combined with a wellness detox treatment meant to soothe scalp itch, clear excessive oil buildup, remove flakes. 

Brazilian Blowout


12 weeks of frizz free hair! Reduces frizz, controls thick unruly hair, will not change curl pattern. Lasts up to 12 weeks with proper home care maintenance. 

CBD Molecular Mender


Repair hair from the inside out. Repairs split ends, soothes scalp issues,  smooth and shiny for up to 10 shampoo's.