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All of the products listed below are brands I currently carry and use. I do not sell products that I do not believe in. All the lines I use are Vegan and Cruelty free. 


Leaf and Flower CBD

Experience the power of CBD. Noticeably improves overall hair strength, fights frizz, Improves manageability and conditions hair for less breakage. 

I love the products are lightweight and the conditioners you can use as a deep conditioner. The Volume line REALLY works! The volume Booster is my favorite! Also, they've just come out with a curl line that blows other's out of the water!


Color Wow

Color Wow is a gluten free and Vegan haircare line. What I love about this brand is that it's budget friendly but the products pack a punch!  Some of my personal favorites are the Dream Coat, Money Mask and Volume XXL. None of these products leave a sticky buildup and all of them deliver max shine!



What I love about Matrix is there commitment to global sustainability. Each packaging uses recycled materials. There's literally something for everyone in this brand however the lines I carry are the Keep my Vivid brand. The Keep my Vivid was specifically made for vivid colors. They don't have the harsh soaps other brands have. Pro tip: The Lamination Spray is a must have! It closes the cuticle ensuring that you color lasts longer!



Olaplex is the GOAT in products. Each product is designed to build back the disulfide bonds in the hair that are commonly broken during chemical services. Long story short, if you color your hair this is the product for you. Suitable for all hair types.