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It's beach time!

The Do's and Do not's for beach hair

DO: Rinse your hair immediately after getting out of the ocean water. Usually beaches have shower heads available to rinse off sand. Use this to also rinse off your hair

DO: Use sunscreen to protect your scalp. And reapply often! 

DO: Bring a leave-in spray and a wet brush. Trust me! Going home with matted tangled hair is the worst!

Do NOT: Forget to shampoo your hair as soon as possible

Do NOT: Get your hair wet if your hair is freshly bleached or you have vivid hair color. The salty ocean will reek havoc on your fresh 'do and even strip out your vivid color

Do NOT: Forget that if you hair turns green, there are products that can quickly solve this issue! Check out the article below for what this product is.

Protect your hair from the pool or ocean


Your hair turned green from the pool. Now what? This amazing product removes chlorine, copper, and other harsh elements from your hair. It eliminates discoloration and restores shine and manageability. Perfect for tangled matted hair due to ocean salt.


Did you know?
Your products do expire

Products do expire from the moment you open them is how long you have to use them before the date on the back of the product. I made this cute little video so you can see how easy it is to find out your product expiry date.

beauty product expiration dates.jpg
0003 (1).jpg

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