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Keeping your vivids...well vivid.

Caring for your vivids - 4 tips to better hair care

1. Wait 48 hours before washing. Use a sulfate free shampoo. Wash in cold water only 

2. Easy on the heat! In general hot tools should be 375 degrees and below. No heat is best.

3. Swim season is here! But chlorine will fade your hair color super fast. My advice, invest in a swim cap

4. Invest in a shower filter. Our water is filled with hard minerals that not only dry out your skin but dry out your hair. Over time, your hair color will fade as a direct result of these minerals. 

This month's must have!

Why are we loving it?

Two words. FASTER BLOWDRIES! No seriously, this product packs a punch. Not only does it moisturize your hair, it speeds up blow-dry time, reduces frizz, and strengthen without adding excess weight. Can't argue with those results!

Favorite Reads this month

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Hey friend! I'm Jess

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