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Brenda E
Brenda E

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Tammy H
Tammy H

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"I truly enjoy my time in Jess' chair. Regardless of my needs, a hug, a hair cut, vibrant color application, and great conversation the best part is the attempt at self care.

Jess recognizes she wears many hats as my hair guru. She's a friend, a hair dresser, a math magician and sometimes a therapist.  I'm thankful for her talents and her friendship."

-Tammy H

"I absolutely love getting my hair done with Jess. I've been going with her for almost 2 years!! She's so kind and really listens to what you want. She will make sure to keep your hair healthy through the process and gives tips and recommendations to take care of your hair at home. She takes the time to explain the process step by step. I walk away happy every time. Her salon is very welcoming, clean, calming, and I enjoy my visit every time. I am so glad and fortunate to have found her! :) "

-Brenda E


My Specialties

Service #1
Signature Blonding

This blonding session is designed  for someone wanting a big transformation. You are looking for a roots to ends platinum blond. Commonly called a bleach out or global blonde. This is not for highlights or balayage. A Haircut and blowout are included with this session.

*If you are already a blonde & need a retouch or have pixie short hair please email me for price quote*


Notes ; Multiple sessions may be necessary when transitioning from dark to light.  Appointments lasting over five hours will be billed as extra time 

Investment: 4-5 hours $268

+35 If over 5 hrs

Service #2 Vivid Dreams

This session is ideal for the guest who wants to try fun colors for the first time or it's been over a year since your last transformation and need your old vivid colors removed.​ For this service pre lightening of the hair is needed to achieve your new look. A Haircut and blowout are included with this service.

Note: Service is priced for up to 5 hours. Most appointments take 3-4 hours. Appointments lasting over 5 hours will be billed as extra time 

Investment: 4-5 Hours $265

+35 if over 5 hours

Service #3 The Makeover

This service is ideal for someone who typically receives highlights, babylights or balayage. This session is also ideal for the guest who wants to cover grey or blend grey with multidimensional highlighting. A Haircut and blowout are included with this session.


Note: When transitioning from dark to light: multiple sessions may be required to achieve your goal. If you need maintenance on an existing balayage and are new guest please email me.

Investment: 4.5  Hours $280

+35 if over 5 hours

Service #4 The Luxe Cut

This isn't just a haircut. I aim to make this an experience.

 You'll indulge in a relaxing scalp massage while I apply a warm towel to your head with aromatherapy oils to calm & soothe.  I also provide an optional collagen eye mask to take away the puffiness and have you leaving completely recharged and refreshed.


Note: Haircuts are priced for 1 hr.  Cuts lasting longer than 1 hour will be billed as extra time 

 Investment:  $62

+35 if over an hour

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